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Compilation of an all-inclusive Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and Land Use Management System (Zoning Scheme, Land Development Procedures and Regulations - LUMS) for the newly established Dawid Kruiper Municipality. Read the full notice


Herewith Dawid Kruiper Municipality wish to invite all our current and new suppliers to register on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD). Suppliers will no longer be registered at the municipality and are requested to self-register directly on the CSD by accessing the National Treasury website at www.secure.csd.gov.za

Latest News

Lights on soon for Hashvalley & Rondomskrik

In the middle, Director Hennie Auret (Electro - Mechanical Services) and next to him with the hard hat is Cllr May from Ward 10.

This project is part of Councils continuous electrification programme, with assistance from the Department of Energy through the Integrated National Electrification Programme (INEP) where 200 informal houses will be supplied with electricity, which will cost around R4,5 million in Hashvalley and 89 houses in Rondomskrik area amounts to R1,5 million. The funding of the project is set out as follows: 50% by the Department of Energy (INEP) and 50% by Council. BVi Consulting Engineers is the Project Managers and the Contractor is EMC Electrical Reticulation. We hope to have this programme finished by the end on June 2015.

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Housing Project has commenced

Cllr Kock and Mr Visagie standing next to the foundation of his new home being dug.

A Housing Project was launched recently by the //Khara Hais Municipality, funded by COGHSTA where 250 houses will be build. In the picture is Councillor Monica Kock with Mr Hendrik Visagie from Thomson Single in Louisvale, where twelve (12) of these houses will be build. Mr Visagie is living here for more than 18 years in a shack and is very happy about his new home being build in his own yard. Cllr Kock emphasised about the importance of a home, and how the government is acknowledging the needs of the people.

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Vandalising of Municipal Property

A municipal building was vandalised.

The //Khara Hais Municipality is calling on the community not to vandalise municipal property. The municipality has noted that the parks, stadiums and graveyards are vandalised. We call on the community to own these property because it belongs to them.
Cars are not allowed to park on the grass of the parks because it kills the grass and it destroys the irrigation system. We call on the residents to report such incidents to (054) 338 7000.

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Speeding in the Community

Motorists should drive cautiously towards pedestrian crossings.

The //Khara Hais Municipality has noted that people are speeding in the community. Any person who is found driving recklessly or negligently will be fined or arrested. We call upon the community to adhere to the rules of the road at all times. Stringent law enforcement activities will be conducted in all the wards of this Municipality. We also want to request the community to be very cautious when approaching schools, taking into consideration the safety of our children. Motorists should drive cautiously towards pedestrian crossings.
We call on the residents to report such incidents to (054) 338 7000. We call upon the residents to report all forms of non compliance to road traffic issues to report them to 054-3387421/2/3/4, and after hours 054-3387406.

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Emergency Numbers

A Fire Truck

The //Khara Hais Municipality is calling on the public not to misuse the emergency numbers. Some members of the public are calling the emergency numbers and report emergencies which do not exist. By doing this, they misdirect resources where its not needed.
Emergency numbers are meant for real emergencies.

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Swimming Pools & Reitzpark


Mon - Sat: 11:00 - 20:00

Sun: 14:00 - 18:00


Mon - Sat: 09:00 - 18:00

Sun: 14:00 - 18:00

The swimming pool in town is used on Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00 as well as weekdays between 19:00 and 20:00 by diving club members for exercise purposes. This exercise is only done at the deep end of the swimming pool.


Reitzpark is open from 08:00 till 22:00 everyday during September and March. The public should bring their own braai facilities.

Tourism in Dawid Kruiper

Tourism in Dawid Kruiper

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