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MOU signed between Dawid Kruiper and Keetmanshoop Municipality

The Dawid Kruiper Municipality recently signed an M.O.U (Memorandum of understanding) with the Keetmanshoop Municipality. An MOU is an agreement that is designed to mutually benefit two or more institutions.  It is usually not a formal contract but rather an intent to ensure that issues of mutual assistance can be adhered to.


The M.O.U signed between the two municipalities is aimed at:

  • Facilitating information and knowledge sharing with the community and the institution;
  • building managerial and technical capacity;
  • promoting of a regional hub as an attractive location for interactive investment and tourism;
  • Developing partnerships with the intention to expand business and community involvement;
  • Highlighting regional challenges that may have a local impact:
  • Assist both country’s challenges in global understanding, solidarity and peace.

Dawid Kruiper Municipality have already learned through its interactions how Keetmanshoop municipality takes pride in investing in its communities. The fact that the landscape and history resonate similar features is but one important highlight where the D.K.M  can take its lessons from. The tourism as well as added dynamics in economic as well as community development is central in its advances. We certainly hope to contribute mutually through the African renaissance program as well as taking mileage from organizations such as the Southern African Development Community- SADC,  Organisation of African unity- OAU and broadly through the Forum on China Africa Cooperation -FOCAC and the Brazil, Russia,India, China and South Africa – BRICS concepts on industrialization.  

The MoU is immediately implementable with social programs attached. This is further cemented through the Province’ social and economic stream agreements and enhances development in education and community/business interest.

Interactions will be continuous milestones had been set. The milestones are:

  • Shared events to promote the respective areas of jurisdictions and activities;
  • Several engagements with targeted groups to constantly evaluate the feasibility of the MoU;
  • More and more interactions will happen between administration to advance managerial capacity building;
  • Facilitation of best practices with interested groups, businesses and civic leaders symposiums;
  • Continuous social and community based programs; and
  • Informal social events and formal receptions between the twinning towns to promote better collaboration.

Council has adopted a Policy for Municipal International and Governmental Relations (MIR). Any MoU with any municipality or institution will be dealt with according to the prescribed policy and must be confined to its budget. This will deal with the covering the costs of the M.O.U between the Keetmanshoop and the Dawid Kruiper municipalities .

The M.O.U is managed by Mr Vernon Mfusi who is the Senior Manager: Policy and Research at the Dawid Kruiper municipality. He can be contacted on (054) 338 7008 by the interested parties. The media inquiries can be directed to Patrick Williams on (054) 338 7008.


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