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Say NO to Xenophobia


Iam the Mayor of the Dawid Kruper Municipality. The municipal area borders the Namibian and the Botswana border. This area is known for its multi culturalism. We have different language groups and cultures living in harmony here.

I mention this because I find difficult to understand why people would discriminate against one another on the basis of colour,race,gender or ethnic group.

We have a large influx of foreign nationals to our municipal jurisdiction and we live in harmony with our brothers and sisters from the other parts of the African continent. In the Mayor’s office there is a special programmes officer who deal with the issuers around women, children, the elderly and foreign nationals.

The foreign nationals are given an opportunity to raise their issues via that official or directly with the Mayor.

I mention this because I believe that we can make a difference at the local municipal level. The officials in the municipality are handling foreign nationals and everybody else with respect and sensitivity.

I pay regular visits to the stalls of the foreign nationals and honour the invites which they send to me.

These are small but necessary interventions which can help in dealing with the wrong perceptions which people have about each other.

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Municipality and Red Cross join hands


The Dawid Kruiper municipality recently joined hands with the South African Red Cross in hosting a health awareness day event.

The event took place at the Upington taxi rank and was attended by various other government departments and the community.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Mayor at the event, Councillor Lebitsa from ward 13 said that health issues are everybody’s business. ‘We as the local government depend on the local citizens for economic development. If they are not healthy they will not be able to provide good services to the public’. he said.

The red cross opened its Northern Cape Provincial office in Upington.

The aim of red cross in Upington is the following:

• To render humanitarian services

• To prevent and alleviate human suffering

• To promote primary healthcare services

• To promote positive human relationships

• To promote community empowerment through ICT and skills development

The event served to foster closer ties between the Dawid Kruiper municipality and the red cross.

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Mayor pays Homage To Army Officer


The Mayor of the Dawid Kruiper municipality, Me Limakatso Koloi, recently attended the funeral of an army officer. The Officer was stationed at the 8 SAI- South African Infantry batallion base in Upington. The army and the municipality maintain a good working relationship through the Local Government Communication Forum- LGCF. The assistance of the army is constantly roped in during municipal programmes and projects which are unfolding in the communities. The Major who passed away was the link between the municipality and the army. Major Pretoors served in the army for 29 years before he passed away. The Mayor said that he was a decorated soldier who served his country with pride. The Mayor was accompanied by the Speaker of the Dawid Kruiper municipality, Mr Micheal Segede.

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Mayor’s Tourism Message

Mayor Koloi

I would like to say to all our visitors -Welcome to Our World – They say that once you get the Kalahari sand in your shoes you will keep coming back… Rich in culture and history, Upington can trace its roots back to 1870. Upington is situated quite intimately on the banks of the Orange/Gariep River and its adjacent areas and stands proud against the background of lush green vineyard and the Kalahari Desert.

Upington is the main town in the fast growing agricultural sector of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, where intensive crop irrigation and stock farming is practiced. Upington, also known as South Africa’s River City, is situated on the banks of the mighty Orange/Gariep River and serves as gateway to the regions many attractions like the Augrabies Falls National Park (120km) and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (268km).

Upington is a busy town boasting all the modern facilities and has an 18hole golf course, squash courts, tennis courts, bowls rink and an Olympic size swimming pool. Together with a well-developed tourism infrastructure, linked by air and road to most parts of the country, the town offers excellent accommodation, restaurants and activities of a very high standard.

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The Mayor addressed ratepayers from Extension


The Mayor of //Khara Hais, Me Limakatso Koloi recently addressed the ratepayers from Extension in Upington. The meeting was attended by the Mayor, Speaker and senior management. The meeting was held with the tax payers movement of Upington. The mayor and her delegation listened to the concerns of the community and promised to bring their concerns to the council which will then pronounce on the suggestions.

The council of //Khara Hais welcome the input and suggestions which they receive from the community. Public participation in the business of council is a legal requirement and is welcomed at all times.

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