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Compilation of an all-inclusive Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and Land Use Management System (Zoning Scheme, Land Development Procedures and Regulations - LUMS) for the newly established Dawid Kruiper Municipality. Read the full notice


Herewith Dawid Kruiper Municipality wish to invite all our current and new suppliers to register on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD). Suppliers will no longer be registered at the municipality and are requested to self-register directly on the CSD by accessing the National Treasury website at www.secure.csd.gov.za

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Free Internet At Dawid Kruiper Municipality!!!


The Dawid Kruiper Municipality is making internet service freely available to the public.

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A sod turning was recently held for the installation of communal taps in Westerkim. Westerkim is a residential area in Upington.

The sod turning for the project was officiated by the Speaker of the Dawid Kruiper municipality, Mr Micheal Segede.

During his speech at the sod turning MrSegede emphasised the importance of water and called on the residents not to waste it. 

The project was funded by the Water Services Infrastructure Grant (WSIG). The total value of the project is 1,2 Million Rand. 

The consultant is Mekan Engineering and the contractor is Overrox Trading.

A total of 450 households will have access to water.

The completion date for the project is 30 June 2018.

The Speaker appealed to the community not to vandalise the taps because it will affect their access to water. They should report people who vandalise or steal the taps to the law enforcement agencies.

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The Executive Mayor of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality, Me Limakatso Koloi, recently officiated over a water sod turning project. The residents of Kalksloot, Leerkrans and Karos will benefit from the project. All these areas are situated outside of Upington. 

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‘I want to thank the ANC led municipal council for speeding up this project and in the process making water available to our communities,’ the Executive Mayor said during the sod turning event.

She added that water is playing a vital role in the lives of humankind. She also asked the residents to use water sparingly because South Africa is a water scarce country.

This water project was funded by the Water Services Infrastructure Grant (WSIG). The total value of the project is 2,3Milllion Rand.

The consultant for the project is Stabilis Development and the contractor is Overrox Trading.

A total of 191 households from Kalksloot and a total of 57 households from Leerkrans will benefit from the project. Eighty households in Karos will be connected to water by this project.

The completion date is 30 June 2018.

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Council Meets the People 2017 (3)

The Executive Mayor of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality, Me Limakatso Koloi would like to congratulate the grade 12 learners who did well in the 2017 matric examinations. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to achieve something. I am aware of the difficulties under which some of the grade 12 learners write their exams. I want to thank you for going against all the odds in order to pass your examination.

I also want to thank the grade 12 learners who did not make it in the exams. It is not too late to try again. The government provides opportunities for you to re-write. One famous quote reads “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful”

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Carols by Candlelight 2017 (3)

We have come to the end of 2017. We will be celebrating Christmas very soon. It is a time when we have to assist each other. A time when we have to care for each other. I would like to call on us not to buy stolen goods. Let us also not drink and drive.

I want to thank you for paying your municipal account on time. I also want to thank you for not vandalising municipal property. Thank you for keeping your town clean and for working with the municipality in alleviating poverty.  We can overcome most of our challenges if we continue to work together.

Let us continue to work on the progress which we made in 2017. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2018.


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